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Digitalization of Thermal Processes

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Main benefits of Intelligent Thermal Processes


  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Increases team productivity
  • More time available for employees to perform other activities
  • More assertive business decisions through continuous information updates


  • Reduces chance of human error
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases business competitive advantage


  • Reduces cost and expenses
  • Increases production capacity
  • Increases revenue
  • Enables new types of offerings to customers
  • Provides new revenue sources
Remote Variable Monitoring
Temperatures (of processes and components), vibration, pressure, flow, units of electrical measurement and sensor digital signals are collected by sensors in the field and sent to the system.
Monitoring and printing of temperature curves
Monitoring of treatment curves (time and temperature) linked to the thermal process, which can be a batch (production of a batch of the material) or a continuous process.
Events sent via email and SMS.
If any event occurs in the process (abnormalities), messages are sent via sms and e-mail to the users involved in the processes registered in the system (process engineers and maintainers) so that they can promptly act in the root cause of the event, reducing costs and undesirable downtimes in the production.
About Us

We are TERMICA Solutions, a corporate spin-off from PERFIL Group, established in Joinville/SC. We have professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the industrial thermal area.

Our main activities are focused on industrial thermal equipment and processes such as furnaces, ovens and heaters.

Research and
Project and
Digitalization of
Thermal Processes
Value Proposition

We develop and deploy software for thermal process equipment digitalization, so it becomes part of Industry 4.0, and can interact with people and other smart machines to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes. In addition, we help your company save money and contribute to sustainability by reducing thermal losses.

  • 2014 - Internationalization supported by SEBRAE

    In 2014, TERMICA was one of the 50 companies selected and supported by SEBRAE-SC to be a part of the first edition of the internationalization project ExportaSC, resulting in TERMIA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, established in Florida-USA. From this business unit, we have supplied to TESLA, for example.

    This project of internationalization of companies from Santa Catarina state aims to prepare micro and small enterprises to operate in the North American market. The company created a structure in the United States with full assistance from an business incubator that includes entrepreneurship training, technical visits, as well as administrative, legal, tax, marketing, sales, operations and logistics support.

  • 2017 - 3rd place in the 1st ABII Industrial Internet Award

    In December 2017, TERMICA Solutions was awarded 3rd place in the final rankings of the 2017 ABII Industrial Internet Award, with the presentation of the business case "ReMo - Remote Monitoring for Furnaces", ensuring information continuity, greater productivity and efficiency in thermal processes. This solution developed by TERMICA was implemented in partnership with Perfil Térmico and Sercompe. The team at Perfil Térmico is proud to represent TERMICA Solutions in the deployment of this project, as well as in all future projects, contributing to the progress of Industrial Internet in Brazil.

  • 2018 - Participation at INNOTECH in Seoul/South Korea

    TERMICA was selected to present its solutions at INNOTECH (Innovation & Technology Partnering) 2018 that took place in South Korea, on April 19 and 20. The multipurpose event focused on disruptive technologies related to Industry 4.0 and gathered attendees with multiple profiles, from major global players in the industry to local startups. This was the first time that the Thermal Process Scanning technology developed by TERMICA was selected to be exhibited abroad.

  • 2018 - Future Aluminum Award in Milan/Italy

    The innovative smart furnace technology created by TERMICA sparked the interest of the organizers of the first edition of Future Aluminum Forum - held in Italy in the first week of May 2018 - and guaranteed the Innovation Award for the company. The award, given in collaboration with Aluminum International Today, acknowledges an innovative product or project that makes a difference in processes or that optimizes production.

  • 2019 - Selection by FIEMG lab 4.0

    TERMICA was one of the 50 technology-based companies selected for the FIEMG Lab 4.0 acceleration program! This enables the company to enter a cycle that includes receiving financial support, specific methodology, mentoring with specialists and access to the network of contacts with more than 15,000 company representatives. We continue to evolve and grow together, investing in innovation!

  • 2019 - Selection at RHI Magnesita Challenge FIEMG Lab 4.0.

    RHI Magnesita is a world leader in the production of industrial refractories. They have joined FIEMG Lab 4.0, a program created by the Federation of Industries of Minas Gerais State that seeks to connect the entire ecosystem of startups, suppliers and manufacturers, looking for the best available technologies to pioneer solutions for their customers. As one of five companies in Santa Catarina state to be part of this FIEMG Lab 4.0 acceleration process, TERMICA signed up and was selected to take part in the challenge RHI Magnesita has launched to solve its industry problems and further improve the level of service provided to its customers.

    TERMICA's solution was evaluated by industry experts and found to be of great potential to address the Energy Efficiency challenge.

  • 2019 - Participation at Natural Selection FINDESLAB

    In November 2019, TERMICA participated in the Natural Selection process conducted by Darwin Startups and promoted by FINDESLAB.



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